Almost 19 and I’m no where close to where I’d like to be in life. 

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So your born a girl and you get annoyed when people refer to you as 'she'? What. . .

i try very hard to be respectful, but honestly, you’re just fucking dumb.


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do you believe in long distance

absolutely. as absurd as this sounds, i would prefer a long distance relationship over an in-person one. long distance allows me to be less insecure in regard to my gender situation because i’ll really know that they love me for my personality as opposed to my looks/genitalia etc. 

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wait so do u have a dick


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you look like a girl

Oh, really? What do girls look like? Do they have long hair and a feminine face and boobs and a vagina? Do they like makeup and going shopping? 

I know many girls who have penises, yeah. And many who prefer to dress more masculine, no not dress like a boy, just masculine. I know many girls who do not look like “girls”, but in fact they are one. Girls and boys do not all look like the fucking rest of their gender, just because society finds the need to make distinctions between the two and create labels. 

Thank you, for telling me that. Because I am a boy who doesn’t fit all of the “male” qualifications, but you know what, I’m fucking proud to be me. So, thank you.

Dear every single follower of mine,

Thank you. You may think that you’re insignificant or worthless, but shit, you guys have pulled me through. Every single time. I could never make it up to you guys. Sure, shit is hard growing up with an un-accepting family, but you guys make me feel worth something. Today, for the first time, I went into the men’s room publicly. I know I could never have gained the courage without all of you. Honestly, thank you so much. Your kind words are what get me through.



P.S- Although I don’t have the time to answer every ask, I read everything. I love you.

My dad has recently started saying “love you” before hanging up the phone and it really does make me happy hearing it from a family member.

It’s scary to know that you could spend days, months, even years getting to know a person, and in the blink of an eye, they could be completely gone. 

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advice for a strong long distance relationship?

It takes two

I genuinely feel like I will never be good enough for anyone or anything.

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The little things people do for me are what make my day. You know, it’s just those small gestures that make you a little bit happier. Like someone holding the door for you, or picking up your pencil when you drop it. Or someone stopping to let you make a left turn when there is so much fucking traffic. Or maybe it’s someone who just smiles when you walk by. Idk, I feel like it’s so easy to make someone’s day. A simple “hello” would completely change mine. 

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