Sadly, it’s been a while since I’ve taken the time to actually write something on here. So, I thought I’d share my insight with you all, even though most of you will see this and scroll right by. But hey, that’s ok! 
The other night I was at a party and I was fortunate enough to speak with someone I’ve never had the chance to really get to know, although we’ve been acquaintances for years now. I instantly opened up to her and confessed my interest in women (which is a shock to many, as I am biologically female). I told her how I’m not accepted by my family and how at one point, 2 years ago, I was on the edge of suicide. No one knew at the time; I didn’t tell one person about my daily self-harming habits. She stared at me with this look in her eyes. It was not a look of pity, or sympathy, or anger, but of sorrow. She then told me that she had been suicidal for 6 months with no one knowing but her parents. This girl, a girl who I have never seen without a smile on her face, confessed to having been through depression. I was in shock. I told her how glad I was that she had her parents there for her, and how I yearn for that connection with mine. She hugged me so tight, and I genuinely felt worth something. She whispered “I’m so glad you’re still here. You’re so incredibly strong to have gone through that alone.” This girl has changed my year. I later told her that I’m Transgender and how my parents and I have a terrible, if any, relationship. She asked me: “do you ever feel like you were born in the wrong generation?” My answer was no, of course not. Although the world is not nearly as openminded as it will be, it is our job to make the necessary changes. It is our responsibility to change the world and I’m so blessed to be a part of that. I think that anyone going through a hard time should just smile. Be happy. Do crazy shit. Be a good person. Smile for all those fucking haters. And please, start to love yourself. Go look in the mirror and fucking smile because you are you, and NO ONE can change that. 

Anonymous asked: So your born a girl and you get annoyed when people refer to you as 'she'? What. . .

i try very hard to be respectful, but honestly, you’re just fucking dumb.


Anonymous asked: do you believe in long distance

absolutely. as absurd as this sounds, i would prefer a long distance relationship over an in-person one. long distance allows me to be less insecure in regard to my gender situation because i’ll really know that they love me for my personality as opposed to my looks/genitalia etc. 

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Anonymous asked: wait so do u have a dick


Anonymous asked: you look like a girl

Oh, really? What do girls look like? Do they have long hair and a feminine face and boobs and a vagina? Do they like makeup and going shopping? 

I know many girls who have penises, yeah. And many who prefer to dress more masculine, no not dress like a boy, just masculine. I know many girls who do not look like “girls”, but in fact they are one. Girls and boys do not all look like the fucking rest of their gender, just because society finds the need to make distinctions between the two and create labels. 

Thank you, for telling me that. Because I am a boy who doesn’t fit all of the “male” qualifications, but you know what, I’m fucking proud to be me. So, thank you.

Long Distance

My dad has recently started saying “love you” before hanging up the phone and it really does make me happy hearing it from a family member.

me-y0ww asked: You are literally my inspiration to keep going every day because ugh you're so awesome and good looking and funny and you've made me realize it's okay to love myself and be who I am. I don't know, I guess I'm just trying to thank you for helping me realize I need to start liking myself for who I am. You're just a great person, sky. Have a wonderful night, handsome!

This made my night. Holy shit, I love you, ok.

tattooth asked: I don't mean to sound creepy so anything, but I looked at your pictures and I kind of wanted to cry because I saw the pictures of when you dressed femininely and I know that must have been really hard for you because that's not who you are and I'm so sorry for everything that you have to go through.

This made me smile so big. I love you, just thank you for this message. 

It’s scary to know that you could spend days, months, even years getting to know a person, and in the blink of an eye, they could be completely gone. 

Anonymous asked: advice for a strong long distance relationship?

It takes two

I genuinely feel like I will never be good enough for anyone or anything.

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